Central Corridor

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Countries Burundi
Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Central corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agency (TTFA)

TTFA Stakeholders: Burundi Revenue Authority, COMESA, EAC, Rwanda Revenue Authority, Tan Roads and Uganda Revenue Authority

TFA related Activities undertaken

Along the Central Corridor several border management activities have been embarked. Various One Stop Border Points (OSBP), ensuring border and customs efficiency, have already been created and several more are underway. Additionally, Single Window Systems were already introduced to the ports in Kabanga, Kobero, Rusumo, Mutukula, Gatumba, among others (download Central Corridor TOR Report). The World Bank, TradeMark East Africa and DfID are currently funding an upgrade of the Dar es Salaam port with a value of nearly US$ 600 million.

Main Technical/Other partners