North-South Corridor

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Countries Botswana
Democratic Republic of the Congo
South Africa
Projects/Agencies The COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite Task Force

TFA related Activities undertaken

The North-South Corridor is one of the pilot Aid for Trade programmes. The Regional Economic Communities (RECs) COMESA, EAC and SADC, that form the Tripartite, lead the programme. It is coordinated and implemented by the Tripartite Task Force. The programme aims to facilitate trade, support regional integration and economic growth. The main components include infrastructure (road, rail, port and ICT), energy, road transport facilitation and the reduction of time taken to cross border posts.

Along the North-South Corridor various One Stop border Posts (OSBP) have already been created. For example, the OSBP in Chirundu opened in 2009 ensuring border and customs efficiency. Additionally, by the introduction of fibre optic cables, the quality of communication has been ensured. The OSBP in Chirundu could potentially serve as a showcase for other border ports along the corridor (TSA Report on the Infrastructure Components of the North-South Corridor).

Main Technical/Other partners

  • TradeMark Southern Africa
  • AfDB
  • World Bank
  • Development Bank of Southern Africa