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The African Business Roundtable is a business association that was set up in 1990 as a result of business leaders in the Private Sector Development Unit of AfDB, seeing the potential in mobilising the African private sector into a coherent body, capable of re-engineering the continental role of private enterprise as the engine of growth for Africa.

It wants to achieve private sector-led regional economic integration and sustainable development of Africa, based on good corporate governance and open market systems. They focus on strengthening the African private sector, promoting intra-African trade and investment and to attract FDI into Africa.

ABR further aims to expand the role of private enterprise in Africa and create a healthy business environment, to provide assistance to enterprises and serve as a forum for business leaders to exchange ideas, to increase awareness of Africa’s business but also to act as advisor to governments to adopt business-friendly policies and regulations.

It has seven chapters, representing various African regions.