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The World Health Organization (WHO) is the directing and coordinating authority on international health within the UN system. They provide leadership on matters critical to health and engage in partnerships where necessary; shape the research agenda and disseminate valuable knowledge; set norms and standards and promote and monitor their implementation; articular policy options; provide technical support, catalyse change and build sustainable institutional capacity and monitor the health situation and assess health trends.

The WHO mainly work in the areas of health systems, non-communicable diseases, health promotion, communicable diseases, preparedness, surveillance and response and corporate services.

The unit on Trade, Foreign Policy, Diplomacy and Health (TFD) at WHO works with attempting to achieve greater policy coherence between trade and health policy. Key partners of this unit include the WTO and UNCTAD. Their aim is for international trade and policies to maximise health benefits and minimise risks for the poor and vulnerable. Mainly, they work with capacity development in ministries of health to cooperate with colleagues in other relevant ministries to shape and manage the trade policy environment for health. For example, a diagnostics tool and workbook is being developed that will guide national policymakers to build public policies and strategies related to trade and health.