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Established in 1952, the World Customs Organisation (WCO) is an independent intergovernmental institution whose objective is to further the effectiveness and efficiency Customs administrations.

It represents 180 Customs administrations worldwide and acts as a forum for discussion between national Customs delegates, providing technical assistance and a range of conventions to Members

The WCO is comprised of the Council (governing body), the Secretariat and a number of technical and advisory committees.

The WCO has seven Strategic Goals:

  • Strategic Goal 1 – Promote the security and facilitation of international trade, including simplification and harmonization of Customs procedures = Economic Competitiveness Package
  • Strategic Goal 2 – Promote fair, efficient, and effective Revenue collection = Revenue Package
  • Strategic Goal 3 – Protect society, public health and safety = Compliance and Enforcement Package
  • Strategic Goal 4 – Strengthen Capacity Building = Organizational Development Package
  • Strategic Goal 5 – Promote information exchange between all stakeholders
  • Strategic Goal 6 – Raise the performance and profile of Customs
  • Strategic Goal 7 – Conduct Research and Analysis